Atlas Missions 

The Atlas Church of Christ supports missionary work both in the United States and abroad. We currently contribute to the support of the following missions:

Kevin Patrick Dillon (Mars Hill Church of Christ)
Brother Dillon is a minister to the Elderly & Infirm in the community.
Contact: Phone: 256-767-1772

Lance & Kristen Mosher (Chalmette Church of Christ) 
We support the Moshers in spreading the Gospel in Porirua, New Zealand. 
Website: Contact:

Steven Nelson (Cottondale Church of Christ)
Brother Nelson is minister of the Church of Christ in Eutaw, Alabama. 
Contact: Dupree Galloway (205) 339-3317 or Clark Sims (205) 553-1444

Wayne & Janet Barrier (Double Springs Church of Christ)
Brother and Sister Barrier work for World Evangelism, a mission’s evangelism program. The reach of World Evangelism includes over 40 countries, primarily in Asia and Africa. Contact:

Heritage Christian University
We support this school in its efforts to train preachers for the mission field. 
Contact: (256) 766-6610

Michael E. Brooks (Highland Park Church of Christ)
Brother Brooks is Minister of Missions and Evangelism with the Highland Park Church of Christ in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and directs Khulna Bible College in Bangladesh.
Contact: Office: 256-381-8311; Home: 256-386-0159; Cell: 256-335-7247

Mars Hill Bible School
Local Pre-K through Grade 12 school associated with the Church of Christ.
Contact: 256-767-1203

Northside-Centerstar Church of Christ
Contact: 256-810-3718

Patriots for Christ (NWSCC)
Campus ministry providing fun and Christian fellowship on the Muscle Shoals campus of Northwest Shoals Community College.
Contact: Tom Carter 256-331-5263 or

Greg Swindle (Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ)
Brother Swindle and his family began his mission in Zambia in 2012.
Website: Contact:

Arvy Dupuy (Florence Boulevard Church of Christ)
Brother Dupuy is a part-time instructor at the Haiti School of Biblical Studies and can be reached locally at 256-366-7970.

UNA Christian Student Center
A campus ministry for the University of North Alabama.
Contact: 256-764-9439

School of Biblical Studies (Gadsden Church of Christ)
SBS is located in the northern Nigerian city of Jos. Students come from various parts of Africa return home to strengthen the church in their area. Even in the face of severe persecution by the Islamic Boko Haram, attendance continues to rise.
Contact: Adam Cox, 480 Bull Hollow Loop, Savannah, TN 38372. 256-762-2438 or 731-925-2810